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Name:The Guide Dog Chronicles
Birthdate:Nov 7
In 2005, I got blindsided.

By a diagnosis.

I was, in fact, going blind. Deaf, too, as it would turn out.

I turned to my long runing blog to vent my anger at such a cruel fate. Fire danced from my fingertips. No one was spared.

When the smoke cleared and the damage assesses, I had made it through my Seven Stages of Grief. However, my friendships lay in ruins, my blog had been shut down by the awakened Troll Hive Mind, and I spent my days indoors, rarely venturing out, sullen, depressed and alone.

Then, in June 2013, I was introduced to the creature that would change my life. He walks on all fours, is incredibly smart, gentle and unconditional in his love. He is highly trained, highl skilled, and likes to chew on his Nylabone when he's bored.

As yo umay have guessed, he's a guide dog.

But so much more than that. He is my new Best Friend.

And he brought so many others with him; puppy raisers, trainers, instructors, a whole Extended Family.

and I get to be part of it.


Join us, as we start the Next Chapter. We start from June 13, 2013. All that came before is a history to learn from, not a place to dwell in.

Or on.

So, forward, to our new lives. Our new adventures. Our journey together.

Come. Join us, won't you?

Thank you for inviting us into your lives.

Karl and Tucker
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